Earring Care

How to give your earrings a long life, looking as beautiful as the day you get them
Polymer clay is a lightweight and durable material, but should be handled gently and with care.
  • If earrings are dropped, or stored incorrectly, your earrings may break or become damaged
  • If your earrings get dirty or stained by makeup, I suggest taking a q-tip and getting it damp with nail polish remover (anything with acetone) and gently rubbing it in the stained area. (be careful if your earrings have raised detailing, like flowers, ect.) 
  • If your earrings are resin coated, or acrylic, it is okay to take a baby wipe to wipe them to clean or running them under water to gently clean them
  • I highly recommend storing your earrings in any safe place you'd normally keep your accessories . DO NOT store them in a place like your car, where temperature fluctuates, because that can damage or break your earrings overtime.
  • It may be tempting to test the durability of your earring after you hear that Polymer clay is bendable, but please, please don't
Honestly, your earrings are delicate, but to ensure they stay beautiful pieces of art please handle them with care, to ensure a long life